Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ADM315 Workload Analysis | SAP Basis Books

Course Overview

ADM315 presents knowledge that you need for analyzing load situations in SAP systems. Most of the tools introduced here exist since a long time in SAP systems, some as early as SAP R/3 3.0. However, the layout of these tools and their capabilities evolved over time and new functions were introduced to monitor new components of SAP systems.

Even while this course takes place on the ERP Central Component system (ECC 5.0) of mySAP ERP 2004 and is based on an Oracle database and Windows operating system, almost all of the functions and skills learned here are as well applicable to releases of R/3 (as R/3 4.6C and SAP R/3 Enterprise, Extension Set 1.10/2.00) and to other SAP system types (SAP CRM systems, SAP SRM systems etc.) on different operating system and database platforms.

Indeed, the focus of this course is to give a detailed understanding on perfomance issues in SAP systems, which allows you to apply your skills to a wide range of SAP products.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eclipse For Dummies | Barry Burd | PDF

Another one of the newer books out on Eclipse is Eclipse For Dummies by Barry Burd (Wiley). I like the book for what it is, but there are some caveats that may affect your experience... 

Chapter List:
Part 1 - The Eclipse Landscape: Reader, Meet Eclipse, Eclipse, Meet The Reader; Installing Eclipse; Using the Eclipse Workbench; Changing Your Perspective; Some Useful Perspectives and Views
Part 2 - Using the Eclipse Environment: Using the Java Editor; Getting Eclipse to Write Your Code; Straight from the Source's Mouse; More Eclipse "Sourcery"; Refactoring: A Burd's Eye View; Refactor This!; Looking for Things in All the Right Places
Part 3 - Doing More With Eclipse: Working with Projects; Running Code; Getting Help; Squashing Bugs
Part 4 - The Part of Tens: The Frequently Asked Questions (And Their Answers); Ten Great Plug-ins for Eclipse

First off, what I liked... I'm unapologetic in my liking of Dummies titles. They mesh well with my learning style (light and humorous), and I think they do a great job in giving one a good understanding of a particular subject. If you had never read anything about Eclipse, this book would be a good way to expose you to the functionality of the software. I also like how Burd covers the features of the software, like refactoring and such. Once again, when you get done with the book, you should understand how the software can help you when you're coding your programs. Finally, it's been published since Eclipse 3 was released, so it's dealing with the latest and greatest.

So what are the caveats? The book deals mostly with the Eclipse as an IDE, but not so much with actual coding with it. There are other books out there that largely cover the same material as this book does, but they have more of an emphasis on actual coding examples. Having the practical coding examples can help cement some of the learning you'll need going forward.

It's not that this book is bad or that it's done a bad job. It's just that depending on what you're looking for, this may or may not be your best choice...

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Ajax For Dummies | PDF | Download Now

Ajax is obviously one of the hot web technologies these days, and now we have the Dummies title that covers it... Ajax for Dummies by Steve Holzner. While it might be easy to write this off as "just another Dummies book", I don't know that I'd be so hasty...

Part 1 - Getting Started: Ajax 101; It's All About JavaScript
Part 2 - Programming in Ajax: Getting to Know Ajax; Ajax in Depth
Part 3 - Ajax Frameworks: Introducing Ajax Frameworks; More Powerful Ajax Frameworks; Server-Side Ajax Frameworks
Part 4 - In-Depth Ajax Power: Handling XML in Ajax Applications; Working with Cascading Style Sheets in Ajax Applications; Working with Ajax and PHP
Part 5 - The Part of Tens: Ten Ajax Design Issues You Should Know About; Ten Super-Useful Ajax Resources

As I said, I wouldn't write this off as just another Dummies title. For one, Steve Holzner has an excellent track record of writing tech books that have become the go-to references in the industry. As per usual, he also does a great job on this book, albeit in the "Dummies" style of presentation and writing. There is an abundance of code and screen shots that make it easy to follow along, and he presents just enough background on JavaScript and other Ajax components to bring you up-to-speed if those are not your strong areas. The only "nit" I have is that some of the code and screen shots in Chapter 2 don't quite mesh. The code statements for what should be on the screen don't quite match what actually printed out. It's as if the screen shot was made with a slightly reworded JavaScript routine. It still is essentially the same, but it threw me slightly as I was going through the material.

I felt the book really came to life in Part 3 with coverage of the different frameworks. I don't think any of the other books I've read on Ajax to date have had quite this much information on all the different frameworks you can implement to eliminate much of the "heavy lifting". Since Steve does a good job of presenting the pros and cons of each, you'll quickly determine if a framework is the way you want to go, and which options might be best for your particular project.

While not the most technical book on the subject, Ajax for Dummies does bring some angles to the table that aren't present (or as strong) in other books. It'd be a good introduction to the subject matter, or a nice second volume to gain a different perspective on the technology.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Finkler Question (Man Booker Prize) | Download Now

Julian Treslove is a 49 year old Gentile living in present day London whose life has been a series of disappointments: he has movie star good looks but can't seem to sustain a relationship with a woman for more than a few months; he was let go from his production job at the BBC for his overly morbid programs on Radio 3, a station known for its solemnity; and he has fathered two boys, who ridicule and despise him. Even worse, he compares poorly to his friend, rival, and former school classmate Sam Finkler, a pop philosopher, radio and television personality, and author of best selling books such as The Existentialist in the Kitchen and John Duns Scotus and Self Esteem: A Manual for the Menstruating, which have made him wealthy and respected, with a beautiful wife and three successful children.

However, the one thing that Julian desires most of all is to become Jewish, like Sam and their mutual friend and former teacher Libor Sevcik, a Czech whose tell all biographies of Hollywood starlets such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich have earned him fortune and notoriety. Julian refers to Jews as Finklers, after his friend, and frequently wonders how they think, why they are smarter and more successful than him, and how he can understand and be more like them. The three men engage in frequent discussion about Israel, Palestine, and Jewish life in London; understandably, Julian is always an outsider, despite his desire to become one with his friends.

Libor and Sam are contrasts in character. Libor is pro-Israel yet reasonable in his beliefs, whereas Sam is fervently anti-Zionist, and openly supports the Palestinian cause.

At the beginning of the novel, the three men meet for dinner at Sevcik's lavish apartment in Regent's Park. Their discussion is more somber than usual, as Libor and Sam have recently become widowed, and Julian acts as a honorary third widower. Julian refuses Sam's offer of a ride in his limousine, and decides to walk home. While gazing at violins in a store window he is suddenly attacked and robbed, and he convinces himself that his assailant has mistaken him for a Jew. Other than a broken nose and a loss of pride he isn't badly injured, but the crime and its aftermath lead him to examine who he is (is he Jewish after all?), and his relationships with his friends, women he has dated, and his two sons.

As the crisis in the Middle East worsens, acts of violence against Jews and their establishments in London become more common. Sam is invited to join a group, which he co-opts and renames ASHamed Jews, which engages in verbal warfare against supporters of the state of Israel. Through his close friendships with Libor, Sam and other Jews of various backgrounds and beliefs that he meets, Julian becomes more exposed to their lives, in his fervent attempt to answer "The Finkler Question": what does it mean to be Jewish in the 21st century?

"The Finkler Question" touches on a number of other vital and compelling topics: men and their relationships to each other; male competition; the insecurity of middle aged men and women; infidelity; and multiculturalism in the modern society. Jacobson deftly weaves these topics throughout this brilliant novel, which is filled with humor and pathos. This is definitely one of my favorite novels of the year, and it replaces The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet as my favorite of the current list of Booker Prize finalists.

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Books For Everyone

"hello world"

yes that what i learnt as my first C program, and i still remember the awesome book which taught me C programming. I have always found myself very close to my books. I keep on searching for new interesting books over internet. Sometimes it takes me hours to get the right book for a topic that is why I am starting this blog. I will update this blog whenever i find any interesting book on internet. So keep visiting this blog, you may find the book you have been looking for everywhere on internet without success.