Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ADM315 Workload Analysis | SAP Basis Books

Course Overview

ADM315 presents knowledge that you need for analyzing load situations in SAP systems. Most of the tools introduced here exist since a long time in SAP systems, some as early as SAP R/3 3.0. However, the layout of these tools and their capabilities evolved over time and new functions were introduced to monitor new components of SAP systems.

Even while this course takes place on the ERP Central Component system (ECC 5.0) of mySAP ERP 2004 and is based on an Oracle database and Windows operating system, almost all of the functions and skills learned here are as well applicable to releases of R/3 (as R/3 4.6C and SAP R/3 Enterprise, Extension Set 1.10/2.00) and to other SAP system types (SAP CRM systems, SAP SRM systems etc.) on different operating system and database platforms.

Indeed, the focus of this course is to give a detailed understanding on perfomance issues in SAP systems, which allows you to apply your skills to a wide range of SAP products.

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